Image for TGC104 Tiaré Organic Soap<br>《梔蘭悅身》洗手沐浴乳

TGC104 Tiaré Organic Soap

An intoxicating orchid air enveloped in vanilla musk. The Castile soap, made in France, is prepared with natural ingredients only. Pure vegetable oils, lye, pearl ash, cellulose gum, salt and water. No colour, no preservatives, no petrochemicals. We then infuse the soap with a selection of perfume oils, one for each variety.

感性迷人,融合蘭花香與法國香草麝香,Tiaré 是源自南太平洋大溪地的花種,在當地是浪漫愛情的象徵,潔淨感舒暢喜悅如身於廣闊海邊花園。



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